In high school, I networked throughout the community in British Columbia to find jobs as a housecleaner before working full-time for cleaning services Vancouver. This was the first experience I had with cleaning another family’s home and it certainly taught me a vital lesson. When you clean your own home, you clean to your ‘I’d like to be done with this,’ standards and half-do most tasks. That standard is not acceptable when cleaning a client’s home, but does that mean it has to take all day? The answer is no. When I went to college in UBC, I found myself employed by various maid services and cleaning companies and found that efficiency doesn’t have to take the majority of your day. Putting a few practices into play can expedite the process. Try these suggestions out at home and watch the timer, because I guarantee they will save you time.

Vacuum all tile and wood surfaces before washing them. Why? Running around the room with the vacuum can pick up a lot of debris that are dragged in by foot. Doing this will prove for a better mop experience because it saves you the headache of constantly rinsing and cleaning the mop. At that point, you’re getting to the germs and residue and not wasting time on the broken leaves and dust bunnies.

Take the time to de-clutter your home before jumping into cleaning. Almost every house I have ever cleaned has had a ton of clutter. You need to have the area cleared off before you attempt to clean it any way. Though budging everything over to one side seems like it would save you time, it creates residue build up and well, does not clean the surface or area.

Use a toothbrush on grouts and vents. You don not need any special tools or products, hot soapy water (maybe even a little hydrogen peroxide) and a toothbrush get these tasks done easily. The bristles are durable and provide the perfect size tool for cutting through grime and grease in just about every odd place you can think.

Use multi-tasking products and have the right tools. Different companies throughout the cleaning industry love to sell specialty tools and products to peoples. They appeal to us because they assure that cleaning will not take as long or be as demanding. In reality, they are hurting your checkbook more than you think and lead you with a cleaning closet full of barely-used space consuming products. All you really need is disinfecting all purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, a strong bathroom cleaner, and a floor cleaner that is safe on wood and tile.

These few suggestions will help your wallet and your mind. You don’t have to cut corners in anyway to get a clean home fast. The majority of the time cleaning comes down to organizing your room, planning your attack, and getting it done fast. If you’re looking for house cleaning in Richmond BC don’t hesitate to give us a call, but until then, don’t let products and laziness get in the way of your day off!